The Luxury


Getting the most out of life is all about spending time with the people who matter the most. Caesarea enables you to do just that.

The Caesarea experience is about eliminating the barriers between you and the luxurious lifestyle you deserve.

Despite our experience and large network, it was not an easy task.
After over 20 months of research, troubleshooting and testing, our team managed to transcend a noble ideea into a full fledged service with social impact.

Our project is not a crypto project. Instead, we are using blockchain technology so that we can securely organize data in a way that lets you have acces to luxury products and services comparable to those enjoyed by billionaires at affordable prices.


The Luxury offers a wide range of premium concierge services in the areas of Business & Personal, Lifestyle & Wellness, Home & Administrative, Medical Referrals, Travel & Events, always being up to date with what’s new, continuously adapting, and even being ahead of the times in certain aspects. Our sole focus is on providing excellent customer service.

VIP Access

From the Oscars to Formula 1 and from major Fashion Weeks to Galla Fights, we open the doors to the most exclusive worldwide events

Sold Out Events

Our team will find you a first-row or VIP seat to any sold-out cultural or sporting event anywhere in the world

Top Specialists

Fast access to specialists in education, design, art consulting, law, architecture, business, stylists, etc.

Mundane Demands

Deliveries, moving services,
tech support, cleaning, gardening, a chef or a plumber and everything in between


Our goal is to offer you unforgettable experiences, adapted to your interests and passions wherever you are


We are available 24/7/365 for any emergency issue, no matter where you are including in conflict zones


Whether you want to spend a holiday with your family or you are planning a business trip, we are ready to surprise you


Are you celebrating or wish to host an unique event? We are here to help build an unforgettable event


We offer consultancy and high standard international medical tourism, rangin from routine check-ups to critical surgery.
Your health is key priority

& Nightlife

Discover more about the global nightlife scene, the best parties and venues, best cocktails and flair bartenders and much more

SPAs / Health

A journey of self discovery is a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Discover our health programs!
Healthy Living Academy included in membership

World Economic Forum

All WEF guests are provided with a wide range of high quality services, including hotel accommodations, limo services,
and security during the big annual meeting.


With The Luxury, you will always have the greatest seat in the house as a member of our global community.

The AR/VR/Metaverse Specialist who can merge the real and digital world to further improve your lifestyle efficiency.

Create, collect and exchange secure digital assets, be ready for the digital future that is around the corner

We believe that "the future" is yesterday! Be up to date with the help of our advisors about all that is constantly evolving in our digital present and future.

Secure transactions, quick online payments, spending reports, and wide exchange services at great rates under one platform


What should you do?

Step 01
Visit Luxury.Expert
Let's get acquainted, visit our platform and sign-up.
Finish the identity verification process in just a few easy steps.
Step 02
Verify your account
Click [Get Verified] to begin the verification process. Note that the identity verification documents required differ depending on your nationality. After choosing your nationality, upload your required ID documents, which may include a government-issued ID, legal name, home address, photo ID, selfie verification, postal code, and/or other required details.
Step 03
Finalize the sign-up process
The Luxury has three verification tiers: Verified, Verified Plus and Corporate Verification.
Please consult the following chart to preview the personal information required and account features distributed by tier level.
Please note that the following information varies country specific basis.
Submitting all your details for verification should take no more than 15 minutes.

Step 04
Declare your TLX address
KYC is a crucial process for many crypto and financial sector organizations looking to remain compliant with AML requirements and standards.
These financial regulations help provide a safe and
crime-free environment for businesses to thrive.
You may not enjoy full anonymity during cryptocurrency transactions, but The Luxury and other major players are trying to remain KYC compliant for the sake of protecting their users. Rest assured, all user data and personal information, including KYC information is encrypted both in storage and in transit.
Step 05
Your Private Profile
Your account manager will take the time to fully understand your situation, personal and financial, to ensure that your investment strategy meets your individual objectives, requirements, and risk profile. Thorough portfolio monitoring paired with regular reviews, we can ensure that the investment activities are on the right path taking note of your current circumstances.
Step 06
The platform
A seamless luxury experience enabled by a single application, a global network of brand partners, and a library of services at your fingertips.
Whatever, and whenever you require, always available. With our revolutionary new platform, The Luxury brings luxury to crypto-affluents by providing access to a comprehensive portfolio of carefully curated
high-standard lifestyle products, services, and experiences through the use of crypto-currencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will The Luxury X launch?

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In July 8, 2022, The Luxury X was launched, making the platforms within The Luxury ecosystem available to the general public. There is no such thing as an overnight success, we are the only project of this kind that has not only lasted 2 years on the market with huge monthly costs but is currently the most complex and complete platform developed specifically for the luxury industry. With the completion of KYC, you will gain access to your own universe, Universe X, the universe that can change your life. There are currently 100 daily checks that can be performed by our contractor. Before granting access to the first purchases or withdrawals with the TLX token, we will need to check the 947 addresses in order to ensure the same opportunity is provided to everyone who was with The Luxury on this trip.

Why use the platform's native currency?

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Sustainability of ecosystem: The TLX Token increases the stability of the platform as The Luxury is not dependent on the viability of other (crypto) currencies. Hereby, any potential risks with other (crypto) currencies e.g. potential security flaws, price manipulation and volatility are mitigated. Customization of smart contracts: With the deployment of our own native currency we make it possible to provide pre-coded smart contracts with certain degrees of customization for e.g. each type of renting agreement. Additional services: Our own native currency provides opportunities for the implementation of additional services for our users, such as Instant conversion to/from Fiat Loyalty program Insurance

What is TLX?

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TLX is the cryptocurrency powering The Luxury . It is an TL-20 (TLChain-based) token and can be held, staked, spent and invested easily in the ecosystem of The Luxury. You can find out more about it by clicking here.

Why use a blockchain-based solution?

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Security: The deployment of a blockchain-based payment system leads to increased security for transactions of users compared to other traditional digital payment systems. Lower transaction fees: The unique characteristics of blockchain technology enable companies to operate a lot quicker and in a more cost-efficient way, resulting in less transaction fees. Increased operational efficiency: blockchain technology enables the potential for highly automated business processes through the use of Smart Contracts.

Do’s and Don'ts when using The Luxury

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At The Luxury, we’re building an ecosystem that has been around through the market's thick and thin and will be around for many years to come. That means we’re looking for users who approach our industry with an open mind and a progressive attitude: after all, success is a collective concept based on unity — so, put your best fit forward and let’s all enjoy what’s to come.

Complete your identity verification
Buy, Stake, Hold & Trade TLX
Learn about our technology
Invest with the long-term in mind
Refer & Earn
Follow us on Instagram and Twitter
Join our Telegram channel
Read our blog…and ask our team lots of questions!

Chase short-term gains
Ask for airdrops and giveaways
Expect an ICO

…that’s about it!

Why is The Luxury unique?

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Luxury is the first platform to provide a global platform for connecting luxury brands and consumers through innovative blockchain technology. Our primary goal is to remove any barriers preventing the widespread adoption of blockchain-based solutions in the luxury industry. By developing a secure, fast, and easy-to-use platform for a wide range of consumers. The Luxury is set to build the new standard in the current luxury market.

How was The Luxury born?

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The Luxury was primarily established to solve several problems in the luxury and blockchain industries. The main challenges which the founders of The Luxury recognized are:
Lack of integrated solution across different luxury brands
Risk of malicious attacks on cryptocurrency holders
Limited options for direct conversion between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies
High level of volatility and uncertainty in cryptocurrency prices
Inefficiencies of operational processes in (luxury) industry
Uninformed crypto enthusiasts vulnerable to scams and hacking

If I got a business proposal, who should I contact?

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We are more than happy to open conversations with anyone who shares our vision and objective, so feel free to send us an email, one of our colleagues will get back to you as soon as possible.